Connect: It’s Cultural

You’re a social butterfly, ingesting and digesting social media like a steady diet only your digital nutritionist would prescribe.

Do you feel cultural? Is your appetite for diversity being fed?

The problem with current trends in social is that they cycle you around and around with the same puppy pics, the same marriage announcements, and the all-too familiar selfie. What you lack is that cultural satisfaction of what’s trending in Mumbai or Zimbabwe, Great Britain or Nigeria and not what’s happening in the news, but what’s happening with the teenagers and working class people in these nations… how do they feel and think?

lettrs (yes, no “e” and a lowercase “l”) is that missing app that gives you a cultural fix not washed away in news. You read, you write, and you engage with people that have absolutely nothing in common with you except the fact that you’re both confused humans rambling around this universe.

Fun right?

Our Explore section releases a stream of letters written for the world to engage. You can customize your words with themes, stamps, fonts and even a signature or doodle, (depending on your art skills), then send it out publicly to have that message sit side-by-side with hundreds of thousands of users from 174 different countries, writing in 80 different languages. If you don’t recognize the language of the letter next to you, translate it. lettrs has a built-in feature so that your exploration isn’t halted by a language unfamiliar to you.

Through lettrs you can share your message on all major social networks including WhatsApp and global SMS/text.

For those that would rather stay one-on-one, you can write back and forth with pen pals and never share any letters publicly. You have complete control over where your message lives and who sees it.

Being social is all too easy these days, but satisfying your cultural itch is a little tougher. lettrs is a social investment that you define. The cultural differences of minds around the world are tied to the same need—a connection.

Go find it.

ABOUT lettrs

lettrs is a platform to organize the world’s letters. Designed by lovers of the written word, lettrs is the place that facilitates, inspires, and slows the world’s lasting communications. Being part of a community that encourages people to “take time to write,” people use lettrs to convert significant moments into words of rich timeless letters. Download lettrs for iOS, Android, and Amazon.