Attendee Spotlight: Shirley Yang, Director, Social Strategy & Product at StyleHaul, Shares Her Top Picks For #SMWNYC

With a passion for emerging technology, mobile and social media, Social Media Week attendees always strive to understand and share what’s next. This February, we’re excited to explore “Upwardly Mobile: The Rise of The Connected Class” throughout the conference, and what this theme represents from today until 2022, when six billion individuals will be connected to each other online. The sessions you won’t want to miss feature leading companies sharing their top strategies and predictions of what’s happening, and what’s to come.

To help you discover the best of Social Media Week New York, we asked a few of our attendees to share their top picks for events, talks and masterclasses taking place throughout the week. Below, Shirley Yang, Director, Social Strategy & Product at StyleHaul, gives us a look at the events she’s most excited for:

  1. Data On FLEEK: Storytelling Based on Facts
    “Data is the new key to storytelling and reporting. The traditional metrics of reach and engagement are quantity metrics, the industry needs to look deeper into quality metrics such as sentiment and consumer intent. I hope to gather additional qualitative insights from this session.”
  2. The New DIY – Drones, Makers, and Bots: A Fireside Chat with Martha Stewart and CEO of The Barbarian Group, Sophie Kelly
    “I attended Martha’s Shriek or Chic premiere last October and have never been more captivated by the inspiration she provides to the maker community. Also, how can I miss a drone jousting competition?!”
  3. Why 2015 Will be the Year of Social Video
    “Social video is a huge part of what StyleHaul does from both a brand and campaign strategy perspective. We have been experimenting with both Facebook and Twitter native video features and have seen success in driving to long form YouTube videos, which is often where our anchor content lives. Look forward to hearing effective measurement and analysis techniques for these native strategies.”
  4. Stop Calling Them Social Media Influencers: MTV’s Pioneering Efforts with New Form Talent
    “We have been working with ‘influencers’ for the past several years, interesting to see large media companies transition from working with traditional celebs to searching for talent in the social space. I look forward to compare and contrast the ways in which we work with such talents.”
  5. Bitcoin & The Future of Currency: Challenges, Strategies and Predictions
    “I’ve always been fascinated by Bitcoins and have friends who are innovators in the space. Overstock is the first large retailer to accept Bitcoins, interesting to hear how they’ve been so bullish and what impacts the virtual currency has on their platform so far. “
  6. Custom Content: How Publishers and Instagrammers Are Leading Campaigns for Brands
    “Creating branded content through social media is at the core of StyleHaul’s business. It’s very important to balance authenticity of creators and brand messaging. There are also new distribution channels to fuel this ecosystem, including native advertising. Look forward to the speakers’ take on the subject!”

Get your pass today, and join us and our partners for what will be an extraordinary week of exploring our upwardly mobile, connected world.

About Shirley Yang

Shirley heads up social media for StyleHaul’s global presence, leading social campaigns for brands and revenue products leveraging the power of YouTube stars. Previous campaigns include Destination Beauty launch with L’OREAL Paris at the Emmys, Web Therapy original series starring Lisa Kudrow aired on ShowTime with a launch on StyleHaul YouTube channel first. StyleHaul is the leading beauty & fashion multi platform network with over 5,000 channels on YouTube in 61 countries and over 19 billion network video views.

Shirley has a passion in tech and entrepreneurship, she is also a startup mentor at Entrepreneur Roundtable Accelerators here in NYC. You can find Shirley on Twitter @scyshirley.