What is SMWi

Join Us In 2017 for Social Media Week in 20+ cities around the globe.

To further support the SMW mission, SMWi will provide community organizers around the world with the opportunity to host an independently organized event during one of the four editions of the SMW conference.

SMWi events can take place over the course of one day, rather than a full week and are much more straightforward to organize. Any qualifying organization that is looking to host rigorous discussion and debate on the changes happening in human connectivity are welcome to host a SMWi event, regardless of the size or location of the city.

Participating SMWi Cities


Why should I host a SMWi in my city?

There are a variety of benefits to hosting SMWi in your city. A few to mention:

  • SMWi is a great opportunity to put your organization at the epicenter of the innovators in all industries in your community. Your organization will have a chance to be the unifying collaborative force behind the event.
  • SMWi can further support your communities' knowledge and means of innovation through cross­-industry collaboration.
  • SMWi can bring global recognition and credibility to your city and organization.
  • Your organization has the opportunity to develop valuable relationships with new partners/clients and deepen existing relationships.
  • SMWi can provide a profitable stream of revenue for your organization.

If I apply today, when can my organization expect to host our SMWi?

New cities are notified within 2 weeks after the application has been received. If the next edition of SMWi is less than three months away, your event will be approved for the edition after that.

If you applied today and were approved (which takes about 2 weeks), the earliest that your organization would be able to host your SMWi would be during a SMW period that is at least 3 months from now. If a SMW is 1 month away from today, it would be too soon for your organization to participate in it. Your organization would have to hold out until the next SMW.

What types of organizations typically host SMWi?

The following characteristics really stand out to us:

  • Are highly networked across multiple industries
  • Have experience in event or conference production
  • Are highly collaborative in practice
  • Are highly experienced in community management and building
  • Have a history of producing and distributing compelling written and visual content

How do I go about applying and getting approved?

Step 1 - Initial Sign-up: Fill out the initial sign-up form below. If your responses meet our criteria (see section above), the SMWi team will then provide you with a formal application, sample draft agreement, and more information regarding the license fee.

Step 2 - Initial Application: Fill out the application form. If your responses meet our criteria, we'll then distribute a licensing agreement for you to execute.

Step 3 ­- Approval & Fee: Once the licensing agreement is executed, the licensing fee must be paid in order for your SMWi city to officially kick­off. Within two weeks of the fee being paid, your city will be listed on the SMWi landing page directory,, at which point your team can begin to promote your event. Your team will be off to the races!


The following is provided:

  • SMWi [City Name] logos and brand guidelines
  • Your city and logo listed on the SMWi directory on the SMWi landing page (
  • A digital toolkit with helpful hints and best practices on how to best organize your SMWi event
  • SMWi will be promoted to SMW's global community, including 200k email subscribers

Can my organization host our SMWi outside of the 4 weeks during the year when SMW Official Cities are taking place?

No, your SMWi must take place during the 4 official SMW designated weeks, which are:

  • Feb 27- Mar 3 2017
  • Jun 12-16 2017
  • Sep 11-15 2017
  • Nov 13-17, 2017

What is the minimum and maximum number of event sessions that my organization can host during our SMWi?

At a minimum, you are required to have a full day's worth of programming, which means a minimum of 6 hours worth of any of the following types of formats: keynotes, debates, panels, workshops, classes, mixers, etc. In regards to maximum amounts of event sessions, you are only limited by the 5 days designated for any SMWi to take place during the week. We are flexible in allowing SMWi cities to host event on the weekend days preceding and following the designated SMW.

Are there additional paid services that I can upgrade to?

The SMW Global Team will only ​be able to provide consultation under a separate paid services agreement. To manage expectations, due to limitations, it is prudent to assume that the SMW Global Team will not have the bandwidth to provide personalized consultation for SMWi cities.

Can my organization use SMW's event system for our event?

The SMW Cortex (a.k.a event system) is only reserved for the Official SMW Cities. This includes our speaker database. Your organization will need to source independently any event or scheduling software for 2016. While we are exploring launching a version of SMW Cortex for SMWi cities, this will likely be only offered beyond 2016.

Can my organization sell tickets and sponsorships to our SMWi?

Yes, SMWi cities are allowed to sell sponsorship and/or tickets to the event. Prices and deliverables are solely determined by the SMWi host organization. The global team will not intervene in these decisions. In addition, the global team does NOT take any type of commission or royalty from ticket or sponsorship revenue.

How does my organization go about deciding on a venue(s) and production strategy?

The SMW Global Team will provide a basic toolkit with best practices on how to secure a venue, along with how to formulate a production strategy. However, as part of the application process, your organization was required to exhibit that it has conference production experience. So since theoretically this is NOT your first rodeo, you should easily be able to figure out which venue(s) and production resources are suitable for hosting your SMWi.

All SMWi costs associated with venue, production, ticketing and marketing fall under your organization's responsibility.

Does my organization have to video capture or livestream our SMWi?

No. There are benefits in doing so, but it's not required.

Who owns the content that gets produced at our SMWi, and potentially also gets captured on video?

The SMW Global Team claims no ownership of this content. The SMWi content is wholly owned by you and/or your speakers, depending on your arrangements with them. If you would like to share this content with third party organizations, that is your organization's decision to make. In many cases, the SMW Global Team might be able to further promote video content on the global channels of SMW.

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