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Many people don’t “get” Twitter.  How can a few short words help you gain traction as a business in a social world that appears to be overrun by spam accounts and teenagers?  Let me assure you, these thoughts are entirely normal. No one seems to understand Twitter at first, but that’s just the thing about it.  People just keep coming back for more, curious about what others are getting that they might not.  Let me explain.

You’re on Twitter right?  Most businesses and professionals are for the same reasons you consider being on Twitter. This gives Twitter a B2B marketing advantage – something that isn’t as easily grasped through other popular social media platforms.  This alone can be reason enough for business professionals to jump online and learn to engage on Twitter.

Even if using Twitter is still a foreign concept to you, I’m willing to make a bet that there’s just something about the way Twitter works that brings you back time and time again.  Maybe it is the success of other professionals in your industry, or booming stats from a great idea spawned by a major company working to engage with millennials online, Twitter seems to captivate their audience repeatedly without ever going the way of ancient social platforms (cough, cough MySpace cough).

Twitter continues to experience noteable year-over-year growth.  Some of the most noteable areas from of growth in 2014 were the increase of users over 65 years of age and an increase in users with an annual household income of $50,000 or more.  As of December 2014, 23% of all adult internet users are actively on Twitter.  23%! Tweet This That statistic alone should motivate businesses across the world to actively engage with fans across Twitter.

Still not sold on the benefits of Twitter?  Consider this.

  • Regardless of your type of business, your prospects are browsing from their phones. 80% of Twitter users browse their Twitter feeds primarily from their phone
  • Twitter is quite literally the future. Compared to Facebook and Google+, Twitter’s active millennial population is far more significant
  • Twitter promotes a high level of two-way communication, building trust for your brand
  • Twitter is a great source for online customer support Tweet This and has replaced email support entirely for major companies such as American Express.

If you understand Twitter, you already know that Twitter is your best friend.  Twitter stands as a top source for brand listening and reputation management – a main focus of their now publicly traded standing.  Twitter’s recent public listing comes with other great perks such as updates across the board on for their Twitter for Business platform.

Bring your Twitter business experience to a whole new level with these 5 ways to improve your sales:

1. Engage

Engaging with your followers is key! Twitter specialises in the two-way conversation, so get out there and start some conversations. Join in on relevant TweetChats and trending topics. Research popular hashtags that are relevant for your business. Above all else, respond to everyone that @mentions you and give the occasional Thanks for those that are actively retweeting your content.

2. Promote Your Tweets

Twitter allows you to quickly promote tweets directly from your Tweet activity dashboard by logging into View your latest tweets and carefully analyze what makes some tweets more popular than others. To promote your tweet, follow the directions below:

3. Tailor Your Audience

Similar to other advertising platforms, with tailored audiences you can define groups of existing and potential customers with greater flexibility and connect with them through your company Twitter page. However, let’s consider the benefits of creating a list of users that you don’t want to include in your advertising efforts.

User your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to export a CSV file of email addresses for leads you’ve already successfully sold, or use your internal management system to export a list of employee’s personal and business email addresses. Use these files to upload as lists of people you don’t want to include in your advertising campaign. Every penny counts! Don’t pay even a fraction of one cent for a click that you’ll end up getting from customers and partners through other means (this is where your lead nurturing email marketing campaign should come into play).

4. Get Keyword Specific

When creating a new ad campaign on Twitter, test your boundaries with getting keyword specific. Tailor your audience as much as possible by including relevant keyword search terms. Test your ideal audience by gradually deleting specific keyword groups and analyzing how these changes affect your advertising results.

Keywords should reflect the same, general keyword research you’ve likely already conducted to produce more relevant content for your website and target your Google Adwords campaign to the right audience. Just the same, you’ll choose whether you want to phrase match the exact keyword or target the keyword based on being around, on, or near the same general idea (i.e. unordered keyword match).

5. Use Twitter Cards

Increase traffic to your website and generate more leads with Twitter’s website card – a fanciful way of showing off new content to both mobile and desktop browsers.

The website card allows users to easily discover interesting content. This drives a significantly larger click through rate than promoting an already existing post or a text-only post. Combine your latest blog post with a highly engaging photo and viola, you have the perfect recipe for your newest website card.

We’ve tested the Website Card with a handful of brands like Citrix and Betabrand, whose campaigns saw significant decreases in cost-per-click (CPC) compared to campaigns that used an image and URL to drive website traffic. Betabrand’s CPCs were reduced by up to 85%, and Citrix saw a 92% decrease in CPC. In addition, UK-based mobile company Three saw a 26% higher engagement rate as well as a 64% increase in URL clicks when utilising Website Cards. – Twitter Ad Blog

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